Dunmore School District

Dunmore School District History
By 1868 the borough of Dunmore had a population sufficient to suggest the need for a high school. At a cost of $9,000 and with a staff of seven teachers, the first high school, a two year school, was constructed. The school existed for twenty years, and then a much larger building called the "Central School", an elaborate two story high school building was opened in 1891. The class of 1903 was the first four year class to graduate. Unfortunately the building was destroyed by fire in 1908, and classes were then held for a time in the Presbyterian Church for almost a year, until a new building was constructed accommodating about five hundred pupils.

This building, although currently unoccupied, is still known as the Junior High School on Apple Street. A school board with foresight purchased thirty acres of land in the northwest corner of the borough, and when overcrowding of the old school necessitated half-day sessions for the students, a new building was constructed in 1936 on the present sight, and it became Dunmore Senior High School.

In 1937 grades ten, eleven and twelve moved into this impressive, brick building. For many years Dunmore High School graduated two classes, one in January and one in June. The last January class to graduate was in 1945. Again in 1953 enrollments rose, and the ninth grade class was transferred to the high school, which in turn became overcrowded. In the nineteen sixties plans were made to completely renovate Dunmore High School and extend its facilities to accommodate grades seven through twelve.

Students began the 1969-70 school year in the present structure, which added a three story addition to the original building. Two years later a middle school was established for grade six and seven in the Jefferson School, and the elementary schools of the entire district were consolidated into the Dunmore Elementary Center, which is adjacent to the high school.

Recent declines in enrollment have dictated the closing of the Jefferson School, so that the current housing of students is grades kindergarten through sixth grade in the Dunmore Elementary Center, and grades seven through twelve at Dunmore Senior High School. In 1990 the eighth grade was moved to the High School where it remains to the present. In 1997, Dunmore High School, an impressive, attractive building on a spacious campus, has a sound scholastic program which graduates young men and women in whom the community takes great pride.

Our students take part in a varied extra-curricular program, including varsity sports where in our young men and women often excel. The school has ample classroom space, well equipped laboratories, a spacious gymnasium, a resourceful media center, and the latest business instruction rooms, and computerized learning techniques, all conducive to the educational processes of a comprehensive high school.

The faculty of Dunmore High School endeavors to make the school a scholastic and cultural asset to the borough of Dunmore. Dunmore High School has just recently completed major renovations. These began during the spring of 2000 with the closing of the A wing in April of that year. The A wing has been completed and reopened to students in January 2001. The older part of the building which houses the Auditorium, main office, Home Economics reopened in December 2001.

Dunmore High School has taken its place among the most modern facilities for the 21st century. The middle school has its own wing, while the science labs have been relocated to the top floor of the A wing. There are three complete computer labs, with over 30 workstations in each. The classrooms have also been equipped with computers and televisions, a central media producing system, and all of the most modern of educational equipment available.

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