Math: Complete Topic 13 Review

    Reading: study Unit 3 vocabulary

    Spelling: study Unit 3 Week 6 vocabulary


    Science: study Chapter 14 Lesson 3 

    *Spelling and Reading tests on Wednesday, March 20th

    Topic 13 test Thursday






















  • Moby Max

    In replacement of Lexia, our school is utilizing Moby Max to help personalize student learning.  To access Moby Max at home, go to www.mobymax.com/signin.  Once here, type in school name, Dunmore.  Then, click on Dunmore Elementary Center.  Next, type in your child's username and password.  The student's username is their pin. The student's password is first and last initial and pin.  If you have any issues, please email me.

    Reading at Home

    You will need the following redempetion code to access ConnectEd from home: 4VRV-M4X9-P6B0

    The ConnectEd program is now available to students in grades 1-6.  This  is a web-based resource that is aligned with our current Reading series, Treasures.

    1.) Go to http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

    2.) Username and password are the same 8 characters.  They are the first three letters of his/her last name and the first letter of first name plus lunch number.

    Math at Home

    To access our math series at home, please type in http://www.pearsonrealize.com in your web browser.  Once you are here click on "sign in".  The student's user name is their full name in caps @DEC for example a student named John Smith would be JOHNSMITH@DEC.  Their password is their initials in caps + pin.  For example JS1234.  A paper was sent home explaining this.  Please use this math website there are many great features on it.  If you have any questions please e-mail me!