• Apple

    4th grade

    Instructor: Ms. Nole

  • HOMEWORK                  1/15/19      


    MATH: R & P 10-5  Ch 10 Test Thursday  1/24


    SPELLING:    pgs. 69, 70  Due on Wed.   Test Thurs. 


    READING:         Test Thurs.                   


    GRAMMAR:        Test Thurs.


    SCIENCE:   Ch. 14 (L1,2) Test on Thurs. 1/24


    **Read for AR Points!!***        All info in RED FOLDERS!  Thanks---     


    **Please send in notes if you have a question INSTEAD of putting my name all over your SOCIAL MEDIA (EX: PARENT PAGE)  w/ the questions about me or class.  I Greatly appreciate my name-- first and last name NOT being on anything.... THANK YOU!!!  I have asked on paperwork at the start of the year and here.