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    Instructor: Miss. Cipriano


     Congrats to Mia Sanchez from our class on her Little Buck!!

    About Mia:

    Speaks spanish fluently and sometimes helps other students translate. 

    She has a dog named "Bear" and in spanish his name is "Oso."

    Enjoys playing with dolls, especially Barbies.

    Loves pepperoni pizza.

    Pink is her favorite color and she likes to jump in the pool when it's nice out!

    Always respectful and kind.


    Previous Little Bucks:

    William Haun


    Connect Ed Redemption code: M3S8-9J79-KRSQ

    *The Connect Ed program is now available to students in grades 1-6. This is a web-based resource that is aligned with our current Reading Series, Treasures.
    1. Go to: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do
    2. Username and password are the same 8 characters. They are the first three letters of his/her last name and first letter of first name plus lunch number.
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