Geography 7

Instructor: Mr. McGurl

     Everything that happens in the world happens someplace. That place is the study of geography. This class is about where things are, what things are like there, when things got like that, who lives there and why, and how those people interact with the place they live.
     People have always studied geography because they have always been curious about their world. What the heck is going on in North Korea?  What is the name of that mountain up by the Viewmont Mall? How did Dunmore come into being? Where does the water go after it runs into the drains? Curiosity.

     What do you know about the world? Chances are, not a whole lot, yet. You're only in seventh grade. But I hope that's going to change. We're going to study the world - the continents and oceans, the countries, the mountains, the rivers, the cities, and of course, the people.



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