• Transportation Information

    Margaret Hart, Assistant Principal/Director of Transportation


    All buses are equipped with Audio/Video surveillance.



    The Dunmore School District provides bus transportation to those students who are registered in our district and reside in the Borough of Dunmore. As you know, getting children to and from school safely is of the utmost importance to bus drivers, school officials and parents. Encourage your child to observe bus safety rules every day to protect each and every child in the Dunmore School District who utilizes our transportation system.


    Set a positive example by obeying traffic laws, stop for buses as they board and discharge students and be a courteous driver.

    Register for transportation in the DEC, DMS, DHS school offices.

    Any problems or questions regarding transportation, contact Margaret Hart at hartm@dunmoreschooldistrict.net or at 570-207-9572.

    10 Tips for Teaching Your Child School Bus Safety

    1. Learn the school’s bus safety rules so you can go over them with your child.
    2. Ask your child to gather school supplies and clothes the night before to avoid rushing in the morning.
    3. Make sure your child is up early enough to get ready, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus comes.
    4. Tell your child to tuck in drawstrings and anything else that may get caught or stuck in such places as the seat or door.
    5. Have your child wear bright clothing for visibility and proper footwear to prevent slips.
    6. Remind your child to never talk to strangers. If your child walks to the bus stop, he or she should be accompanied by you, another trusted adult, an older sibling, or one or more responsible friends.
    7. Discuss traffic safety rules such as looking both ways before crossing the street and obeying signals and signs.
    8. Stress safe behaviors at the bus stop. Your child should be polite to others and not push or shove.
    9. Teach your child to stay out of the Danger Zone around the bus (10 feet in all directions).
    10. Remind your child that good behavior is essential on the bus so the driver can focus on the road and get everyone to and from school safely.